7 Reasons You Should Move to Squamish

  1. Community

    • Every village, town, or city has a distinctive vibe. In Squamish, there is sincere sense of caring, cooperation, and desire for belonging that binds the citizens to their fellow locals and environment. People are proud of where they live and take care of their community.
      • Pro Tip: Get involved! Join a sports team, find a book club, volunteer, or take a course.
  1. Health

    • Most people in Squamish are outdoor enthusiasts. The mountain biking, kiteboarding, windsurfing, climbing, sailing, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, fishing, golfing, yoga culture, trail running, dirt biking, snowmobiling – it goes on – are all world class. If you are surrounded by healthy people, you are more likely to be healthier yourself.
      • Pro Tip: Develop a routine for physical activity. Join a group or class if it motivates you and keeps you accountable.
  1. Location

    • Squamish has two noteworthy neighbours- West Vancouver and Whistler. Both contain much of the most desirable real estate in the country due to their temperate rainforest climate and proximity to the mountains and ocean. Whistler is one of most popular ski and mountain bike resort destinations in the world, while West Van is no slouch on the mountain scene with Cypress Mountain in the ‘hood and Mount Seymour and Fromme nearby.
    • Conceptualize the Sea to Sky Region as a whole- Squamish is in the sweet spot. For the urbanites, you do not have to give up the nearby big city amenities of nearby Vancouver, but you get those comfy small town vibes.
      • Pro Tip: If you have to commute and from Squamish for work, there are a number of transportation services and ride share programs being available. Check out the Squamish Connector:  and POPARIDE 
  1. Business Opportunities

    • Rapid growth and change in recent years has brought more people and more money to Squamish. Tourism has also grown exponentially. In that vein, many of Squamish’s service based industries are flourishing and opportunities for new businesses are abound with the community still growing. Bring your ideas and take the plunge!
  1. The Great Outdoors

    • Trail improvements and expansion, mountain bike technology advancement, and a strong mountain biking community have made Squamish and the Sea to Sky a mountain biking Mecca.
    • The windy fjord known as Howe Sound attracts kite boarders and wind surfers from all over the world.
    • The Stawamus Chief is the 2nd largest granite monolith in the world and symbolic beacon for the climbing community that scales a plethora of routes in the area.
    • The Sea to Sky Gondola gives year round access to upper elevations and hiking. Go from rainforest to winter wonderland in the cooler months!
    • Whistler-Blackcomb and Cypress Mountain Resorts are a quick buzz down the road for downhill skiing, snowboarding, and nearby cross country skiing. There is also a proposal in the works for a year round resort to be built locally, at Garibaldi Mountain!
  1. Family

    • Squamish is a town made up of a lot young families. There are a myriad of supports, programming, and activities for families as a result. It is a great place to be young and stay young.
  1. Stability

    • Squamish has experienced a boom in recent years which has brought a large number of newcomers, particularly from the Greater Vancouver, in search a place less transient. Although the pace of change in Squamish has not been slow as of late, most folks are arriving for the long haul. Change will continue and you can part of it.
      • Pro Tip: Connect with Nolan Rivers to make a plan for purchasing a home and moving to Squamish.
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