Words of Appreciation

“Nolan is probably the world’s most overqualified Realtor. It is nice to work with someone that you know is worth it and has put in the time and effort to be an expert.”

– S .M.

“I was a bit lost and overwhelmed after looking at a few options to buy. Nolan was able to lead me through the right properties so that I knew exactly which one what I wanted. He loves Squamish and his enthusiasm for the place makes me more excited to be there too!”


“We were really unsure about moving away from Vancouver, going to a smaller place where we didn’t know anybody, and having to commute. Working with Nolan helped alleviate those barriers and made us feel comfortable and welcome. We couldn’t be more excited to nest up in Squamish and have him as a friend!”

D.T. & W.T.

“Nolan’s background in real estate investments helped me consider options for my property that I did not know were possible. Nice guy and definitely knows his stuff. I highly recommend working with him”